A shop wearing a jacket?

Mother’s Day today and I was driving to my mother’s house to collect her for tea. As I drove, I listened to an item on BBC Radio 4. It was about the work of a company called Shop Jacket.

This company helps regeneration of Britain’s towns and cities. Its founder, a surveyor from Whitley Bay, explained how they dress empty shops to make them appear at first sight to be occupied. For instance, in Bridgewater, Somerset they have dressed up an empty unit as a chocolate shop. The effect is by all accounts realistic.  At the town hall in Bridgewater, they have dressed the upper windows so they appear to be adorned with red velvet curtains and chandeliers.

The “jacket” helps to reverse the disadvantageous impact on the high street of empty shop units.

If you think about it, the key issue here is one of first impressions. It made me consider just how important it is in our businesses and in our lives to make that first impression really count.

Think about how we can “put a jacket” on those areas of our businesses or our lives that need some attention.

I like the work of Shop Jacket and congratulate them on their initiative.


2 thoughts on “A shop wearing a jacket?

  1. Hi Alan
    I’m not surprised Mr G has commented as this is a terrific Purple Cow idea! You see so many un-let units around the UK and the only thing we ever seem to get is another mobile phone or frozen food multiple. I think this idea is about imagination and possibility and that’s the thing that’s in short supply at the moment. Well spotted!

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