New look for New Street station


Passing through Birmingham New Street rail station recently, I was struck by the transformation that has taken place after the lengthy renovation. Not only does it look fantastic,  people flow through the station more freely.

The result is a much more pleasant passenger experience. And it made me think.

What if we take more time to work on ourselves and massively improve people’s experience of being with us.

The late great Jim Rohn said this:

To attract attractive people, you must be attractive. To attract powerful people, you must be powerful. To attract committed people, you must be committed. Instead of going to work on them, you go to work on yourself. If you become, you can attract.”


The 5 am Blueprint

I was listening to a podcast today by John Lee Dumas on EoF. He interviewed Jeff Sanders.

Jeff is a big believer on being an early riser to work on your goals. It reminded me of a similar philosophy that Hall Elrod speaks about and about which he has written in his book “The Miracle Morning.”

Both Jeff and Hal understand the power of rising early, doing exercise, journaling,  planning your goals and setting yourself up for a great day. Every day.

Going to give it a whirl.

Fantastic day for Freeths and guests at Donnington Park

Friday 17th October saw Partners of law firm, Freeths entertaining clients and contacts at a track day at Donnington Park.

Paail Calladine, partner at Freeths and owner of PC Motorsport Ltd brought along a Ginetta G20 car. It certainly raised some interest and a few enquiries from younger enthusiasts in the pit garage at the end of the day.

Ginetta G20

Other track cars in the team for the day were a Ginetta G50 and a Caterham 7.

Ginetta G50

Caterham 7

An early spin off the track by the Ginetta G20 driven by a guest meant that the car was out of action for a while as work was carried out to remove piles of gravel lodged in the underside of the vehicle.

The Caterham also wasn’t without issues. After one run, a second attempted run proved elusive because of what turned out to be a faulty fuel cut off switch.


All cars ran well eventually and participants had a thoroughly enjoyable day. We must do this again at some point.

The wonders of this world and beyond?

It was 6 05am when I stared up at the skies this morning after completing a personal best for my 5k run. 24 minutes flat.

I am training for the Natterjack10K race to be held a week today (Sunday 28 September) at 11am in Southport.

The skies were just starting to show some light and as I looked up there came into view exactly what I was expecting, but it was still a wonderful sight. The International Space Station was moving overhead at a speed of thousands of miles an hour. A very bright light against the backdrop of a sky that was playing with the light of the coming day.

And down here on earth I could hear the sounds of the more eager of the birds in our surrounding trees as they competed to voice their opinions at dawn. And all this made me think about a quote by Hal Elrod, a young businessman and author of “The Miracle Morning”.

“Where you are is a result of who you were. But where you go depends entirely on who you choose to be.”

I looked at the ISS orbiting overhead and thought about how that quote applied to what I was watching. What choices to become what people had been made by those individuals involved in bringing about the very existence of the ISS? People had become politicians and achieved a collaboration between the USA and Russia and others to help build and launch the ISS. Others had decided to become space scientists and had worked on getting the ISS to where it is. Yet more had become astronauts and were inside that space station that I could see for 3 minutes or so this morning.

Those were all amazing decisions that had led to an incredible result that I was watching just now.

And yet down here on earth the birds were singing and competing in song for the day, as has been the case with millions of other days on this planet. And up there I could see people, a crew in a man made craft who had, at least temporarily, escaped this planet, this world, in the name of yet further research and progress.

All of that achieved by people making decisions about who they wanted to be which in turn enabled them to go where they wanted to go. Huge progress made by taking bold and ambitious decisions.

It shows just what can be achieved with thought and it made me think of what Napoleon Hill writes about in Think And Grow Rich.

And so I will carry on my training this week in the early hours and I may, if I am lucky with clear skies, see the ISS again and wonder that it is even there.

And when my training is done, I will run the Natterjack10K on Sunday and raise funds for people who can’t see what I saw this morning. They can’t see it because they can’t see at all…with their eyes. But they can see with their thoughts and beliefs. They can have that kind of vision and can achieve remarkable things. And we have to support them in that belief.

Please help me to help Galloway’s charity raise much needed funds by donating, whatever amount you would like to give. You can donate at my special page here: Alan’s donation page.

And if you are up early this week, look out for the ISS in the sky. You can find the times when it passes over here: Spot the Space Station

Extract from “Dearest Axeman…”

If you are addressing an audience (at a conference, seminar, networking event, for example) you may want to get across a message which might not be readily accepted by the conscious mind of the listener. For example, if I were to say to you, “Feel good”, your conscious mind might well think, “Who does he think he is telling me what to feel? I am doing no such thing.” The message is blocked from entering the subconscious mind of the listener.

A way round his is to put the same message into a quote. Use a story in which the message is embedded.

To continue the example, instead of telling you to feel good, I could relate to you this story: “As I was walking from the car park to this conference centre today, a man stopped me and said, ‘Feel good, feel good, just feel really good.’ Strange thing, that, but there you go, that’s what he said.” Now, by listening to the story and consciously recognising that it is only a story, the listener has their guard down.

Look carefully at what the stranger has said in the story. The subconscious mind of the listener takes in the words, ‘Feel good, feel good, just feel really good.’ That command has an impact on the listener as the subconscious level.

Think of how you could embed a message within a story to achieve more success in getting your message across.

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